Steal Their Look: Celebrity Style Inspiration 

Let these five fashionable ladies inspire your 2023 look


One of the most exciting things about fashion is that there aren’t any rules! You can choose to follow trends as they come and go, you can wear whatever makes you feel good, or you can be inspired by your favourite celebrities. 


There are five ladies in particular that spring to mind whenever we start to think about styles we’d like to replicate ourselves. Below, we’re going to share them with you and show how you can magpie their style for yourself with Prink.


- Holly Willoughby

This delightful TV presenter always presents a classy, traditional and modest look whenever she graces our screens, but often this comes with a slight twist to really make the outfit her own. 

Steal her look with our Black Polka Dot Maxi Dress. The long, sheer sleeves and neck tie detailing make this dress a dead ringer for Holly’s choice. To make it even better, our dress is currently in our January sale with £30 off.


- Hailey Beiber 

The effortlessly stylish model and wife of international popstar, Justin Beiber, often appears in our Instagram feed looking cool and casual. 

Steal her look by teaming a Classic Black Blazer with a cosy Brown Rollneck Jumper and a pair of Blue Straight Leg Jeans. This will give you her “I’ve accidentally dressed this fashionably” vibe.


- Miles Cyrus 

The queen of quirky. One thing we love about this Disney-star-turned-international-singer is her ability to where whatever she wants to without a care in the world - and she always looks amazing while doing it!

Steal her style (one of her more conservative ones, we’ll admit!) by teaming a Black Short Sleeved Bodysuit with a pair of Leather Trousers. And don’t forget her edgy, Silver Necklace


- Zendaya 

Best known for her huge range of acting roles in massive hit movies such as The Greatest Showman and Spiderman, Zendaya never fails to impress us with her outfit choices whether she’s on the red carpet or running errands.


Steal her look by tying your hair up with a Scrunchie. Wear a Plain White T-Shirt, a pair of High Waisted Check Trousers and any kind of denim jacket on top. We’d opt for this Oversized Sleeveless Style to put your own spin on it. 


- Cate Blanchett 

Star of Hollywood blockbusters such as Ocean’s 8 and Lord of the Rings, Cate consistently shows how amazing 53 can look! She oozes exuberance and glamour in every modest yet fashionable look she puts together. 


Steal her look by tucking a Loose-Fitting Frilly Blouse into a pair of Rust Coloured Cigarette Trousers. Add a thin Black Belt and a pair of oversized sunglasses to complete the look.

REMEMBER: Although the list of women above can influence our style choices and inspire us to dress a certain way, it’s important that you never forget that you are beautiful just how you are. Your uniqueness is your superpower!

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