Top Winter Fashion Trends You Need to Know About

How Prink can keep you cosy, on-trend and fully feeling yourself this winter

It can be difficult to find an outfit that makes you feel like the boss babe you are during the coldest and darkest months. All those hefty layers can really stifle your creative flair, but that doesn’t have to be the case…

With winter comes some of our most favourite times of year: Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day… and whether you like to spend these events wrapped up on the sofa with candles burning and a heart-warming film or out and about with a prosecco in-hand, we have the clothes for you.

By now, you must know that we’re all about making you feel comfortable yet fabulous. So here are the top trends for winter 2022 that you can follow with Prink:

90s Minimalism

Rachel Green walked so this trend could run. This old-school trend is all about looking cool and casual by styling simple basics that streamline your silhouette. Not only does this make you look super chic but it can also be achieved with a capsule wardrobe and little effort.

Our Twill Mini Skirt can be dressed up with a blouse, down with a jumper and with or without tights as the seasons change. This durable twill gives you a classic and flattering figure-hugging fit. 

Team it with our Black Long Sleeve High Neck Top and Birch Coat to make yourself feel like you’re walking the runway at New York Fashion Week instead of the middle aisle at Aldi.


Knit It Real Good

Of course, no winter wardrobe is complete without a full range of knitwear. And although knitwear will often have you thinking about your old faithful jumpers, we’re talking about accessories…

It’s easy to forget just how bitterly cold the winters can get here which means that too often we’re left with frozen fingers and necks before we know it.

Our wooly hats are the perfect way to keep yourself cute and cosy. Either be a beacon of light on those dark mornings with our colourful aqua and orange options or keep it neutral with our cream and black choices and let your bright coat be the star of the show.

Take your warmth to the next level and match your beanie to one of our durable yet cosy scarves. Choose from either tartan or plain, but either way these snuggly accessories will be sure to brighten even the dreariest days.

Bold Colours

Who said that winter had to be the home of neutral colours? Well, not us! We love to showcase the power of colour all year round and winter is definitely no exception.

From a Lime Green Scarf to a bright Pink Puffer Jacket, a Red Animal Print Midi Skirt to an Orange Pleated Blouse, we’re all about bringing those pops of colour to your wardrobe that will make you feel beautiful and confident. 

Versatile Jackets

One thing about Britain’s autumn and winter months, is that you just know that the weather is not going to be able to make it’s mind up, which is why it’s so important to be all about those layers this season. But how do you do that while keeping your style in check? With a versatile range of jackets, of course!

Our Beige Long Sleeved Shacket is a neutral colour so you can wear it with a variety of colours in your wardrobe, it’s also roomy enough for you to wear over the top of your cosiest jumper. If you’re going out-out, our Black Classic Blazer is a timeless piece that you’ll be able to wear again and again. Perfect for those evenings when you want to look fashionable, but without sacrificing your comfort. 

Maxi(mum) Effort

Or so it will seem… but wearing a maxi will give you the feeling of being cosy head to toe while still looking fierce and on-trend.

If you can’t bear the thought of a night on the tiles as the temperature gauge creeps further and further down, fear not! We have the dress for you. This Polka Flower Maxi Dress has adorable details such as the tie neckline and waist will cinch you in and flatter your shape while the sheer material and frilled hemline gives the dress a flirty feel. Wear it with a pair of boots and tights to fully avoid the pesky pub door draught!

On the other hand, if your living room is the only place you’ll be hanging out at this winter, our gorgeously cosy Two-Toned Long Cardigan will make you feel like your wearing the most fashionable blanket around. Lounging on the sofa and all of a sudden need to nip to the shop to fill that wine and cheese shaped hole in you? No problem! This lovely cardigan won’t look out of place anywhere.


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