3 easy steps to transform your wardrobe for this time of year

Now the lighter evenings and the milder weather are here to stay, it’s time to look at your wardrobe to see if its contents reflect both your current style and this time of year.

We’re all guilty of hoarding too many clothes and letting our storage get disorganised at the least and out of control at the worst!

Here are three easy steps to transform your wardrobe, calm your headspace and love the options you have.

  1. Gut Out Your Wardrobe

Set aside a couple of undisturbed hours and climb that mountain bit by bit. Start with your dresses and then work your way through your trousers, jumpers, skirts and tops.

Start by looking at the first thing you’ve picked up. Do you still like the style? The colour? If you saw it in a shop, would you pick it up? If your immediate answer is no, then your preferences have changed since purchasing it and it’s likely that you won’t wear it again.

If you’re not sure about it, try it on! Do you think that it suits you? Is it flattering? Are you comfortable? And most importantly… Does it fit? If you like it but your body shape is different to what it usually is, keep it as an end goal. However, if you think it’s something you won’t ever wear again, it might be time to donate it or throw it away.

  1. Move Your Winter Things

It can be seriously overwhelming to open your wardrobe and be greeted by masses of disorganised clothing, making it really stressful to choose your outfit every morning.

So, split your clothing into spring/summer and autumn/winter options. Move your chunky jumpers and thick corduroy trousers out of your wardrobe and into storage elsewhere whether it’s into a spare room or the garage.

This will limit your options and will stop you from feeling like you “don’t have anything to wear!”

  1. Let’s Go Shopping

The first two steps might leave your wardrobe looking a bit bare and do we really need more of an excuse to go shopping?

Nothing says SS22 quite like bright colours. Our Vero Moda Satin Shirt comes in a daring orange and a bold pink, both of which will bring all eyes on you when worn with jeans or over a Black Dress.

The next few months are the florals’ time to shine. Our Elvire Blouse and Mini Skirt Co-Ord are cute and girly both individually and separately. The blouse can also be teamed with Wide Leg Jeans and the mini skirt would look great with a dainty Knit Cardigan.

It’s time for us to dig out the razor and say goodbye to winter fuzz so that we can get our legs out again. If you need to dip your toe in first, our Object Artichoke Print Midi Dress gives you all the spring vibes without having to show too much skin. However, if you’re ready to jump in the deep end, our V-Neck Short Sleeve Denim Dress is perfect for the warm, sunny weather and looks great with either sandals and a Fabric Bag or trainers and a Knit Cardigan.


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