How to Modernise Your Wardrobe

Give your style a contemporary flair with five simple tweaks

We love helping you find new purchases that make you look and feel amazing, but we also love to provide guidance that allows you to feel confident and comfortable long after you leave the shop.

This month on social media, we asked what you’re struggling with at the minute when it comes to fashion and a majority of you answered that you’re unsure how to give your style a contemporary flair. And because we love you so much, we jumped straight on it…

When you’ve had the same wardrobe for so long, it can be really difficult (and quite daunting!) to think about giving your style a 2023 refresh. But we’re here to give you five of our top tips on how you can easily modernise your look with a few simple tweaks.


Evaluate what you already have 

The first step is to completely declutter your wardrobe. There’s no room for sentimentality at this stage: if it hasn’t been worn in the last three years, it’s time to say goodbye! Whether it’s damaged, no longer to your taste or it doesn’t fit, if it’s not regularly seeing the light of day, it’s just taking up space.

Once you’re satisfied that everything in your wardrobe is either liked or necessary, then the real work can start.

Categorise your clothing

Separate your clothing into sections such as blouses, trousers, jumpers and dresses etc. Within those sections, group similar items together that relate to certain scenarios such as nights out, workwear and comfy casual.

Not only will this give you a clear view of what categories should be prioritsed for a refresh, but it will also make getting dressed so much quicker! 

How to modernise your wardrobe

Only keep or buy things that fit 

One thing that is guaranteed to age you is wearing clothes that don’t fit. This doesn’t just refer to things that are too small, but also too big! Wear items that fit your body shape and size instead of drowning yourself in oversized clothing to instantly have a more on-trend vibe. 

Remember, you clothes are there to fit you, you are not there to fit the clothes you have. There’s absolutely nothing shameful about fluctuating between sizes because you are so much more than the numbers on your labels!

Update outdated styles 

You see the viral posts on Facebook comparing the fashion choices of millennials to gen z, but the fact of the matter is there is some truth to those jokes. Although we are complete advocates for having your own style that you are comfortable with, if you would like to modernise your wardrobe, it’s best to follow trends that are becoming more and more popular. 

For example:

How to modernise your wardrobe

Find staple pieces and accessories

Make sure your wardrobe has staple items that can be worn in multiple ways with a range of other pieces and accessories, this will allow you to make the most of one versatile item.

For example, a simple black blazer can be worn over a t-shirt and jeans for drinks with the girls, but it can also be worn on top of a bodycon dress on a night out. Also, a maxi dress paired with hoops and heels is perfect for evenings on holiday, but when worn with a denim jacket and trainers, it’s ideal for chilling in your local beer garden.

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