How to Not Feel Self-Conscious in the Heat

Here are some outfits that will keep you cool, without making you feel uncomfortable

Before we start with this particular blog, we’d just like to say that to have a summer body… All you need to do is have a body in the summer!

Every single person is beautiful, even if we don’t look like society’s “perfect” woman. However, we know that self-love is a long and difficult journey. So, until you get there, we want to provide you with options that will keep you cool in the heat, without making you feel uncomfortable.

If You’re Conscious of Your Arms

Our Turquoise Stripey Oversized Shirt looks effortlessly stylish with a pair of denim shorts or leave it open over the top of your favourite white summer dress. It’s made of 100% cotton so it will remain breathable in the heat.

For the girlier girl, our Kawhippa Dress is the epitome of summer fashion. Its lightweight material and boho, drapey look allows you to live your Woodstock fantasy, while not having to show off too much skin.

If You’re Conscious of Your Tummy

The return of Y2K fashion has brought with it low-rise jeans and micro crop tops. Although we love joining in with fashion trends, this is one we are truly struggling to get on board with.

We’d rather opt for our Check Button Through Midi Dress. It’s light and airy, pinches in at the waist and skims right over the tummy. Not only is it super flattering, but we didn’t mention the best part… It has pockets!

For those who prefer bold patterns, our Green Maxi Smock Dress is the perfect choice. Smock dresses are widely known for being the best option if someone isn’t confident about their middle section. When teamed with an elasticated, shirred bodice, this dress is going to have you feeling like a style icon in no time.

If You’re Conscious of Your Legs

Or, if you’ve forgotten to bring your razor on holiday!

Either way, our range of maxi dresses are patterned, floaty and oh-so vibey.

If you’re the type of person to go as bright and bold as possible during the summer months, our High Neck Flower Dress is one for you. The clash of individually classy colours creates a truly unique piece that will look great with either trainers or sandals.

For the more understated ladies, our Lime Short Sleeve Dress has a more tropical print but with a more neutral colour palette. It’s also been made from recycled polyester, so not only are you going to look great, but you’re also doing some good for the planet!


As we previously said, every single woman is perfect in their own unique way. And what a wonderful world it would be if everyone was aware of their own beauty…

But until we get to that ideal, we want to help you dress for the summer in a way that you’re going to feel comfortable in, while still keeping your style and looking gorgeous!

If you’d like some help finding an outfit that’s right for you, send us a message on social media or come into the shop to see us.



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