The ever-changing fashion landscape can leave your head spinning, but don't worry - you won't go wrong with a classic blazer. A stylish staple for any season, this timeless piece has gone beyond the confines of traditional workwear and is now perfect for effortless casual looks too!

How to Bring out the best in your closet staples by layering a blazer over them.

Spring Fling

On days when it’s a bit too warm for a proper coat but chilly enough to have something on your arms, pull out a blazer to wear over your favourite spring dress.


Go Casual Couture

Elevate your everyday Jeans, trainers, and T-shirt combo by adding a blazer giving you that effortless chic look. If you’re up for the challenge, reach for a pair of sunglasses to top things off.


Blazer Dress

If you’re down to try one of the season’s riskiest trends, skip the trousers completely and instead opt for a pair of sheer leggings. The key is to reach for a long-line blazer or go oversized to offer enough coverage.

Double Trouble

When in doubt the monochromatic look is the chef’s kiss of easy-to-put-together outfits.

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