Outfits for Every Occasion this Winter

Giving you outfit inspiration for the busiest time of year


From now until the end of the year, our diaries are full of wholesome winter events, from pumpkin picking to wreath making. And while we love spending quality time making memories with our friends and family, we also love treating ourselves to new outfits for these occasions.

We have received our brand-new winter stock over the last few weeks and are very excited to share it with you. So, keep reading to discover where we’ll be wearing our favourite pieces this winter. 



Whether you’re heading to a pumpkin patch to pick your own, taking the kids trick or treating or planning on having a chilled night in (without a horror movie) you’ll need the cosiest of outfits.

Our Orange One-Size Rollneck will look amazing and festive when worn to any of your Halloween-themed events. Designed to fit sizes 8 to 16, this incredibly soft, relaxed jumper is perfect for layering. Wear it with a pair of casual Cargo Pants and Ankle Boots for a laidback, effortlessly cool look.


Bonfire Night

Every year, we underestimate how chilly a British November evening can get… But not this time! Get everything you need to stay warm and comfortable at Prink so that you can still feel your fingers by the time the fireworks reach their finale. 

Just because you’re wrapping up, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Our matching furry bucket hats and shoppers will elevate any look from so-so to super chic. Team them with our affordable yet high-quality Black Puffer Coat for the utmost warmth.


Christmas Day

It can’t just be us who get dressed to the nines on Christmas Day just to sit in the living room and watch Chicken Run, can it? If you have the same tradition of planning a special outfit weeks in advance, here’s our top pick for this year.

You’ll want to bring the fun without being too restricted to eat a second plate of dessert or sit on the floor to get a little too competitive at Monopoly. Our Zebra Print Blouse combined with our Leather Mini Skirt creates the perfect smart casual vibe. Add a pair of Sparkly Tights if you want to add some festive fun to the outfit!


New Year’s Eve

It’s not New Year's Eve without some form of velvet, glitter or sequins parading around the room and best believe, we’re definitely going to be a part of that group. You can’t clink your glass to toast 2024 without feeling your absolute best… Here’s what we’d wear to feel exactly that.

By pairing our relaxed fit Sequin Maxi Skirt with our Black Long-Sleeved Top, you’ll look utterly eye-catching and fabulous and you’ll also be comfortable and warm all night long.

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