Prink's 2023 Christmas Gift Guide

Gifting inspiration for all the women in your life


It’s less than six weeks to go until Christmas, so if you haven’t started thinking about presents yet, it’s time to start. 

We’re well aware of how stressful the lead-up to the big day can be. There’s food to buy, games to organise, decorations to put up, events to attend and of course, presents to buy. 

So, to alleviate even the tiniest morsel of stress from your life, we have created the 2023 Christmas Gift Guide to provide you with gifting inspiration for all the women in your life. 


For Those Who Love Sparkles

She’s a magpie who is always sporting something new and shiny every time you see her. For her, the more glittery something is, the better. 

Our Multicoloured Star Earrings would be a perfect gift for her. The different coloured gems bring an element of quirkiness and fun, while the small silver design makes them discreet enough for everyday wear. Alternatively, our Adjustable Glass Heart Rings are another great option, especially if she’s all about crystals.


For Those Who Love to be Cosy 

She’ll choose a night wrapped up on the sofa with her favourite film over going out every time. As soon as she walks in the front door, the joggers go on and the bra comes off.

Give her the gift of a good night’s sleep this year with our range of Embroidered Eye Masks. Made from uber-soft, padded velvet, these masks will allow her to block out the world and have a well-deserved, unbothered snooze. 

You could make her day and also buy her the matching Wash Bag. And, if you think that will be right up her street, browse our entire range of other gorgeous Purse and Wash Bag Sets.


For Those Who Love Colour

If you open her wardrobe, it’s like staring directly at Joseph’s Technicolour Dreamcoat. She’s like a walking rainbow and you’ll never see her wearing an all-black ensemble. 

Treat her to one of our One Size Roll Necks. They come in eight different colours so you’ll be sure to find one she’ll love, they’re also so comfortable and cosy, she’ll feel like she’s wearing her PJs outside the house while still looking fabulous - a win win!


For Those Who Love to Explore

You don’t see her for a while and then you see on Facebook that she’s been off exploring several European cities for the last few weeks. She can’t sit still for very long and is always planning the next adventure. 

A woman like that can’t be hindered by uncomfortable footwear, so treat her and her feet to a pair of our trainers. Available in four different monotone styles, these shoes will go with any outfit. They're also currently in the Black Friday sale and are reduced to as low as £25 while stocks offer - that's a huge saving of £34!

If you don’t know her shoe size, our Gold Compass Necklace is a safer yet super thoughtful gift that links to her love of travel and adventure. 


For Those Who Love Sentimental Gifts

She always goes on about how she doesn’t want anything, just a card will do. She’s always buying everyone else tearjerker gifts and deserves something special in return. 

Our range of Lucy Flint Jewellery is the perfect way to show her what she means to you. We have several rings and necklaces to choose from, all of which feature unique, delicate designs that can be worn all the time, constantly reminding her of you. 


For Everyone Else

If you need to buy something for a special someone that doesn’t fit with any of the above categories, pop into our Oakham store and we’ll be more than happy to help you find the perfect present.


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