• Green: Wearing green is not just for nature-lovers. It signifies rejuvenation, balance, and growth. It's the colour of harmony, suggesting a grounded, calm presence inviting a sense of wellness and peace into your day. 🍃
  • Blue: Blue is the hue of serenity and stability. Opting for blue discusses your desire for tranquillity and reliability. It mirrors the sky and sea, embodying calmness, confidence, and a deep sense of introspection. 💧
  • Red: Choosing red is all about passion and power. It's the colour of energy, action, and motivation. Wearing red is a declaration of your boldness, an unspoken statement of your vitality and determination. ❤️
  • Pink: Pink illustrates a playful, tender-hearted nature, full of love and affection. It embodies the gentler side of life, offering a reminder of care and compassion, encouraging a sense of playfulness and warmth. 💕

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