Prepare for any eventuality with these top tips

This summer has been particularly turbulent, even by the UK’s standards. One minute we’re having the weather we dreamt of to get us through the winter, and the next we’re stuck indoors trying to escape a torrential downpour.

I’m sure many of you are still battling through the summer holidays, so sometimes staying in is not an option… Not unless you want to see your little tornadoes tear through your house for 12 hours a day.

Get your dopamine fix by getting out and about this weekend and read on to discover our top tips on how you can dress for all the seasons with one outfit.

Don’t Forget Your Sunnies

Keep your sunglasses close to hand for when the sun randomly decides to pop out in full force. Not only will they stop you from squinting, but they also hide a multitude of sins when you haven’t had the best night’s sleep (we’ve all been there).

Back to Basics

When getting dressed in the morning, build your outfit around a basic vest top. This will keep you warm when there’s a chill in the air but it also makes it super easy for you to strip off if the temperature starts to creep up throughout the day.

Layer Up, Buttercup

Layers are your best friend when it comes to ever-changing weather as you can chop and change your outfit to suit the climate. Choose to gradually add lightweight, slightly larger options that are comfortable enough to give you freedom of movement all day, for example, start with a vest, add an oversized shirt and a baggy jumper over the top.

Avoid Heavy Materials

Clothing like cable knit jumpers are a big no no when you don’t know what the weather is going to do. Although it might seem like the best choice when the morning is looking grey and chilly, if the sun comes out it’ll be hot and sweaty and if it rains it’ll get soaked and heavy. Choose materials such as cotton and linen instead.

Invest in a Decent Bag

Get yourself a sizeable bag that is big enough to hold all of the above options so you don’t have to stress about tying a cardigan around your waist or finding somewhere to put your umbrella. Our best advice is to make sure the straps are big enough to sit comfortably on your shoulder because there’s nothing worse than feeling like your bag is about to chop your arm off!

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