Because your taste in clothes should be complemented by your bling

One of the things we love most about Prink, is how we cater to a range of fashion choices. Because we know that some customers will never be seen out of their leather trousers and oversized jumpers, whereas others have wardrobes full to the brim of floaty, feminine ‘fits.


And because we strongly believe that you’re never fully dressed without a handful of jewellery, we’re here to tell you how can add those finishing touches to your outfit, while keeping your style consistent. Scroll down to find the style that most resonates with you and discover our best advice!


The Bolder the Better

You open your drawers to a rainbow of neon orange and zebra print. You think fashion is meant to be fun and never want to fade into the background.

For you, we have a range of statement pieces that will showcase your unique style and have people desperate to know where you found such unique jewellery.

Our Red and Pink Beaded Trip Circle Drop Earrings look stunning when worn with a matching lip and can either add an exciting flourish to a casual outfit or elevate your date night dress even more.

Our Heart Coin Enamel Pendants come in three different colours: pink, orange and green. Each one has been handcrafted in Jaipur by family-run workshops and features a bold yet delicate design.


Understated and Classy

You like your outfits to be stylish in a subtle, effortless kind of way. You don’t want to look OTT so you take time choosing your favourite pieces to create that minimalistic look.

This Stainless Steel Adjustable Fern Leaf Ring is pretty and has its own unique flair. Because it’s adjustable, it’s comfortable enough to wear every day.

Our Small Hammered Silver Hoop Earrings are dainty and cute enough to compliment any outfit, but if you’re more of a golden girl, we have a similar pair of Misshapen Hoop Earrings in Gold.


On the Dark Side

It’s a long-running joke in your friendship group that you only wear three colours: black, black and black. Your personality might be colourful, but your wardrobe sure isn’t.

These Small Gold and Black Bead Drop Earrings feature your favourite colour but add a glamourous touch with their tortoiseshell pattern and delicate, sparkly beads.

If you’re willing to stray from black but only as long as it’s dark, this Lapis Lazuli Starburst Cocktail Ring is a gorgeous choice. This ring is mottled blue but as it catches the light, you’ll notice the semi-precious stone features many beautiful shades.  


A True Girly Girl

Pinks, florals, and frills are a constant in your outfit choices. You love to feel feminine and feel most comfortable in a floaty dress or pretty blouse.

This Silver Falling Heart Charms Bracelet is made from sterling silver plated brass and is a delicate and sweet addition to any outfit. And to make it even better, we also have a pretty that matches perfectly.


Bohemian Chic

There hasn’t been a picture taken of you in the last few years that doesn’t show you in either a batwing sleeve, fedora, or floaty skirt. You’re all about the layers and accessories.

This Beaded Silver Bracelet is perfect for adding an extra level of boho style. It’s backed with suede so it can be worn comfortably all day and the iridescent, silver and pewter beads catch the light beautifully.

If you’re one for crystals, these Semi-Precious Stone Rings come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. You can choose your favourite of the day or layer up!



We have such a wide range of jewellery suiting every kind of style, so we’re sure we have something that you’re going to love.

 You’re more than welcome to browse our choices either in-store or online and we’re sure that you’ll quickly find a new favourite piece. We’re always happy to help you pick!


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